Who is Liable for My Slip and Fall Injury?

In the process of seeking treatment for tripping incidents, you may incur a lot of medical costs. Therefore, if the incident was caused by the property manager’s negligence, you shouldn’t have to foot any bills. Determining the negligible party in personal injury law is a complex process. This is because there could be multiple potential liable parties such as tenants, owners, and managers.

Under premises liability law, property owners are usually responsible for keeping visitors safe in their properties. The owners have a duty of care to their visitors, which includes; putting warning signage, removing hazards, regular inspection and properly maintaining the property. If the owners fail to carry out these duties, they will be held liable if someone sustains injuries on their premises.

If you have sustained injuries after slipping due to someone else’s negligence, you shouldn’t suffer under the burden of paying for all the damages sustained. You should seek compensation with the help of New York slip and fall attorneys at Friedman Levy who can assist you to get monetary compensation to pay for the losses sustained.

Potentially liable parties

Even though the property owner is usually held responsible for any negligence, sometimes other parties also share the blame. Other parties that can be held liable include;

Commercial tenants

Businesses such as malls, grocery stores, and supermarkets usually rent their premises from property owners. If anything happens within the property, the owner will be held responsible. However, tenants can be held accountable if one of their employees failed to remove any obvious hazard, such as drying wet floors or cleaning up a spill in a timely manner.

Another homeowner

If you trip and sustain injuries while visiting a residential property, then the owner of that particular residence will be held accountable. To file a claim against him or her, you will need to get information on their insurance policy.

Property managers

If a management company has been tasked with the duty of maintaining particular premises, then they may be held liable if someone gets injured due to poor maintenance of the area. Many assisted living homes and apartments rely on property managers to provide proper maintenance services. Therefore, if someone falls due to weak handrails, inadequate lighting, or loose carpeting, the property managers will be held accountable.

Workplace managers

If you get hurt while working in your workplace, then the leader in the workplace will be responsible for compensating you. To file a workplace claim, you will contact the leader’s workers comp insurance.


You can be held accountable if you got injured in a place that does not allow the public to be. Moreover, if you were trespassing when you sustained the injuries, the owner of the property is not responsible for compensating your damages.


After getting hurt in a tripping incident, you may feel overburdened by the weight of bills to pay. You should not have to bear the cost of damages. Property owners should protect their visitors. Moreover, property managers, other homeowners, workplace managers, commercial tenants and even you can be held liable for any injuries you sustain.

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