Choosing A Great Truck Accident Attorney To Represent You

When you know exactly what you should be looking for, it is quite simple to hire a very good truck accident attorney. But, the big problem is most people have no idea what they should be looking for. In order to make sure you hire someone of the quality of truck accident attorney Hensley Legal Group, here are some of the qualities you absolutely have to see in the specialist you decide to work with.

High Experience With Truck Accident Claims

The fact that an attorney handled thousands of personal injury claims in the past is nothing if most of them did not involve truck accidents. You should only hire those attorneys who have exact experience with such claims. While exclusivity is not necessary, the attorney should at least have the most experience with such cases in the past.

The reason why this is so important is that truck accident claims have specific laws and regulations that apply. They are much more complex than regular car accidents.

Success Rates

Always analyze the success rates of the considered truck accident attorneys. All attorneys track success rates, which is practically measured by the number of claims that were won for their clients out of all the claims handled. The truck accident attorney cannot afford to lie when telling you the success rates since you can actually check them since records are public.

Trial Experience

When the truck accident is known not to go to trial often, insurance companies take advantage and low-ball settlements. They make a profit simply because the lawyer does not have experience with going to trial. However, when the truck accident attorney did handle several trials in the past, the insurance company knows it cannot risk it. So, during settlement negotiations, there is a much higher possibility the amounts offered will be fair.

If claims do not settle, there is a pretty good possibility you will need to go to court. Your truck accident lawyer should have such experience. Remember that the insurance lawyers will try to discredit you and even prove you were at fault for your injuries during a trial. Working with an attorney who cannot counter this can be very bad for you.


Caseload practically means how many cases the considered attorney is working on when you want to hire them. With truck accident lawyers, because of the nature of the claims, it is quite normal for a higher caseload to be in place than with regular car accidents. Even so, if the caseload is too high, it means the lawyer will have too much to work and your case will not receive the necessary attention and time for the best possible outcome.

Find those truck accident attorneys with moderate caseloads. They will have the necessary resource and energy to properly handle your injury claim. When cases reach the trial phase, the caseload is even more important. This is because litigation does require more effort and preparation. You deserve to be represented by an attorney who has the time needed to build the strongest case possible for you.