Why Do not You Use CBD In The Morning To Uplift Yourself

Your morning can become much easier and make you more productive if you take Sativa-dominant strains of Cannabis sativa.  It can help you in boosting your energy right from the go.

While scientists are yet to establish the actual reason why Sativa strains can be so energy-inducing, however, those who take either intoxicating or non-intoxicating variants of cannabis agree that Sativa should be used if you want to boost your energy.

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What are the reasons for using Sativa-dominant CBD during the morning?

It was originally believed by various plant taxonomists that Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica were separate species. They cannot be blamed for that, as the strains of Indica-dominant cannabis behave and look so much different from any Sativa-dominant strains, anyone will conclude that both these are completely different plants.

However, over some time, so many international research teams concluded that both strains of Indica and Sativa cannabis actually come from a single origin species that is Cannabis sativa.

Nonetheless, still, the debate continuing about the fundamental differences between these strains of Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant cannabis.

While quite a few researchers would rather try to hide the differences between both these subtypes of cannabis under the carpet, but an overwhelming anecdotal testimony is suggesting that the Indica/Sativa divide is more than what people tend to think.

While attempting to determine the various salient differences that exist between Indica-dominant and Sativa-dominant strains, few scientists have tried to use the process of elimination.

As there is no difference so far as their chemical structures are concerned, about these two dominant cannabinoids, researchers, therefore, had to look elsewhere. Finally, this research has reached two potential assumptions:

  1. The makeup of the minor cannabinoids in both strains of Indica and Sativa may be different;
  2. The terpene profiles in both Sativa-dominant and the Indica-dominant strains must also not be similar.

However, as of now, we still are not having any firm understanding of the reason why the strains of Indica and Sativa have different effects. So far the best theory that is available suggests that strains of Indica-dominant might have higher relaxing levels of minor cannabinoids like cannabinol (CBN).

The strains of Sativa-dominant might be containing a higher concentration of certain energizing cannabinoids, like cannabichromene (CBC).

The differences in terpene profile between the strains of Sativa and Indica are even more compelling. Often strains of Sativa-dominant contain high limonene concentrations, for example, while the strains of Indica-dominant commonly contain plenty of pinenes.

We must now learn more about terpenes, but the unique quality of each terpene may contribute significantly to the certain specific effects of different Cannabis sativa strains.

However, users are clear that Sativa strains will be energizing while Indica strains will be relaxing. Let us now wait when the science will ensure the reasons. Till then why don’t we use Sativa in the morning and then hold off on the strains of Indica strains until it is time to wind down.

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