When Does The Double Jeopardy Clause Apply? Does Double Jeopardy Apply In Civil Cases?

The requirements of this Rule therefore could subject lawyers to regulations inapplicable to advocates who are not lawyers. However, legislatures and administrative businesses have a right to expect lawyers to take care of them as they cope with courts. Paragraph is meant to restrict the issuance of lawyer subpoenas in grand jury and other felony proceedings to these situations in which there is a real must intrude into the client-lawyer relationship. Because the tribunal is not prone to be misled when a lawyer acts as advocate in a trial during which another lawyer within the lawyer’s firm will testify as a needed witness, paragraph permits the lawyer to do so except in situations involving a conflict of interest. Normally, a lawyer’s compliance with the duty of candor imposed by this Rule does not require that the lawyer withdraw from the illustration of a client whose interests will be or have been adversely affected by the lawyer’s disclosure.

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