Orange County Automobile Accident Legal Professionals

Plus, in states with a “dram shop” legislation, a bar or ingesting establishment could additionally be held responsible for the injuries in an accident. These laws hold bars liable in the occasion that they served a patron who was obviously intoxicated who then went on to trigger a car accident whereas under the affect. First, in most accidents, the fault shall be assigned to one or more of the drivers involved. Importantly, even a low-speed car accident can go away a victim with serious injuries. Additionally, extra people are using smartphones while operating their autos.

Can Bars Be Held Responsible For Drunk Drivers?

Crashes and vehicle accidents involving the popular ride-sharing companiesUber and Lyftcan result in claims against the driver, the company, or other drivers. These claims can be more difficult because the driver’s insurance legal responsibility coverage depends on whether or not the driver had the app on at the time of the harm. Rear-end collisionsoften cause critical neck or back injuries, together with whiplash, to the driving force within the lead automotive. Most individuals assume the rear driver is at fault in a rear-end collision.

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