Ohio Automobile Accident Attorney

According to the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, alcohol was involved in almost 25% of all Georgia visitors fatalities in 2011. When a driver chooses to drink alcohol and get behind the wheel, their inconsiderate behavior puts the lives of others at risk. If you or someone you like were concerned in an accident brought on by a drunk driver, we at Childers, Schlueter & Smith can aggressively fight for the justice you deserve. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle or truck accident, or misplaced a liked one in an accident, contact us. We are available for night and weekend appointments and, for personal harm cases, we cost nothing except we win your case.

Will I Have To Go To Trial?

Even if it is determined that you’re principally at fault, your lawyer can help you agree the claim while protecting your rights. Additionally, there may be an at-fault third celebration, such because the producer of a car part, who may share liability. In so, a third-party lawsuit would have to be filed to pursue compensation for victims. Drivers that drive over the speed restrict could cause a crash where they are severe injuries. Speeding can be deadly, and drivers that go over the posted speed restrict are putting you at risk.

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