Menton Bank Case Study

As mentioned previously, regulatory initiatives flowing from the Dodd-Frank Act and suggestions from the Financial Stability Board have affected the construction and profitability of the securities lending enterprise. Increased capital allocations and liquidity requirements have caused incumbents to reevaluate the desirability of providing securities lending services, opening the door to new entrants to offer a extra clear solution. This is being accompanied by the elevated interest in central counterparties, which offer a central platform for aggregating lending transactions. This is as a end result of of several factors, of which maybe the two most important are regulatory actions that limited short-selling activity and increased capital allocation necessities. This publication will help make the intricate strategy of wealth management and personal banking system conversion a smoother journey, resulting in fewer mistakes along the way and a extra price, time and resource-effective operation – with significantly less stress. It also presents readers with an independent, unbiased view of the challenges faced by every monetary establishment.

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