Charleston Auto Accident Attorneys

Remember, something you say can and shall be utilized in a court of law in opposition to you, so avoid talking to the other driver or insurance coverage representatives without a legal representative present. Douglas and London will guarantee that you’re a cooperative witness without incriminating yourself. Something as seemingly innocuous as saying you are “good” when the insurer asks how you’re doing can be enough to minimize or delegitimatize your harm claim. As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words, and even more so within the courtroom.

Georgia Car Accident Legal Professionals

Rear-end collisions, wrong-way crashes, intersection accidents, tire blowouts…no matter what type of accident you’ve been in, we can help. After an auto accident, it’s necessary to first seek medical consideration, simply to be on the secure aspect. Get a doctor check-up as soon as possible after a critical accident. Not everyone who sustains serious and everlasting accidents will have the plain types—dismemberment, cranium and facial fractures and abrasions, damages to eyes. An examination by a medical skilled is required to determine in case you have been injured, and the extent of the injuries.

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