Birmingham Automotive Accident Lawyer

It turns into a citable offense whenever you get in your automobile and drive away. It doesn’t matter when you don’t think you were injured or if the autos didn’t sustain damage. An accident remains to be an accident, even when it’s solely a minor automotive accident.

What Do I Must Find Out About Auto Accident Injury Compensation?

When the police arrive, present your identification, insurance information, and registration to the officer. Provide a factual description of how you noticed the accident unfold. The police officer may document the names of witnesses, however once again, you shouldn’t assume that that is occurring. Finally, get the name of the police officer who has reported to the scene. Accidents happen for lots of causes, and risky driving behaviors brought on or contributed to the serious crashes that injured or killed 9,476 folks. The whole contains automobile accidents, pedestrian accidents, and any accidents involving bicycle riders.

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